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 "My accountant said I have too much stock" Sale

My accountant said I have too much inventory.  Much as I hate to admit it, I agree with her.  I have a wide variety of items for sale - books, sample hats, fabrics, foundation materials, straw hoods & capelines, felts (both fur and wool), ribbons (rayon, polyester and silk), lace, feathers, flowers, vintage veiling, notions, hat pins, hair sticks, and even some hat blocks. 

Not everything is online at once - a bit at a time beginning with Books.

Please visit my ETSY account for more items: 


or go to www.etsy.com and search under seller for      millinergirl1



B001 - Women’s Hats, Headdresses & Hairstyles – by Georgine de Courtais – Dover paperback; 2006
  • Condition:  - new
  • $10.00
B002 - Working Class Costume 1818, Costume Society Extra Series No. 3; Pamela Clabburn ed., The Costume Society, 1971; paperback
  • Condition - like new
  • $15.00
B003 - Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII – by Maria Hayward, Maney publishing, 2007; paperback with slip case
  • Condition - new; bumped corners from shipping
  • $90.00
B004 - Kaffe Fassett Glorious Colour Knitting and Needlepoint; Century Hutchinson Ltd, London; 1988; hardcover
  • ex libri; dust jacket; good condition; bumped but complete
  • $10.00
B005 - Les chapeaux feminins d’hier et d’aujourd’hui/ Women’s Hats Yesterday and Today
  • Condition – new; sticker-mark on cover
  • $4.00 each (7 available)
B006 - Kaffe Fassett Glorious Needlepoint, Clarkson N. Potter Inc Publishers, First Edition, 1987; dust jacket; good condition; autographed by author
  • $15.00
B007 - Woman’s Institute Dressmaking of Domestic Arts & Sciences - set of 18 original Instruction Booklets detailing how to design, construct and embellish women's and children's clothing of the first quarter of the 20th century. 

Titles included:
  • Aprons & Caps #405 (1922)
  • Dresses Part One  #21 A-4 (1923)
  • Maternity & Infants' Garments #19-2(1917)
  • Embroidery Stitches Part One #7A (1916)
  • Embroidery Stitches Part Two #7B (1916)
  • Essential Stitches and Seams #401 (1922)
  • Cutting and Fitting #409 (1923)
  • Children and Misses' Garments #410 (1922)
  • Tissue-Paper Patterns Part 1 #32A-2 (1923)
  • Tissue-Paper Patterns Part 2 #32B (1923)
  • Simplified Sewing #402 (1922)
  • Underwear and Lingerie Part Two #10 B-2 (1921)
  • Ribbon Trimmings and Flowers  #23 (copyright under the title "Ribbon Trimmings, Parts 1-6", 1916)
  • Tailored Seams and Plackets #414 (1923)
  • Tight Linings and Boning #5-2 (1923)
  • Dress Development #404 (1923)
  • Dress construction and Finishing #413 (1923)
  • Designing with Foundation Patterns #408 (1923)
  • How to Start Your Studies #325 (1923)
  • extras - inserts, such as students' notes and embroidery patterns
  •  Sold as a set: $230
Ordering Instructions:
  • Email me at ruthmills@ruthmills.com with item number and quantity required.
  • Include name, mailing address and phone number.
  • Wait for my reply with invoice including shipping cost and payment instructions.
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Order will be shipped within 3 days of receiving payment confirmation.
  • All sales are final so make sure you understand what you are buying.  I have tried to describe things as clearly and completely as possible.  I am very happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • All prices in Canadian Dollars.
  • No GST/HST on purchases delivered outside Canada.
  • HST applies in HST-participating provinces; GST in all others.
  • Payment by Paypal only for all online orders. 
  • Cash is accepted for purchases picked up if you are in the Ottawa area.
  • Pick-ups arranged by appointment only.
  • As with online auction sites, full payment in advance of shipping is required.
  • Shipping - only actual shipping and packaging costs are charged - no handling fees.
  • Insurance is optional and, depending on how the items are shipped it may be included.


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